Initially, I wanted to write city guides to the different cities I have spent extensive time in but quickly I realized that the only real recommendations I had were for food. So here is my city food list! It is just reflective of my own personal taste, and although I think I have pretty good taste, all of it should be taken at face value. The restaurants are ranked down from most fancy to most casual.


I was born in Paris. My parents and I moved to Geneva but we kept our family home and most of my family remained living there. It is a place I have and always will continuously keep coming back to my whole life. But as with most places that are really familiar, one tends to not be as adventurous as one could. Up until recently most of my Paris culinary adventures have been our all time neighborhood restaurants and my cousins’ apartments. My embarrassed silence when people asked about my favorite restaurant in Paris pushed me to explore, to the great joy of my belly.


I have spent most of my life traveling to New York. My sister used to live there and that’s where she gave birth to her first three kids. I have always loved the city although I grew a bit more ambivalent to it when I lived there for two years during my Master’s program. During this time I felt a little bit disconnected from the city and desperately searched for food that felt like a warm blanket. This is mostly what you will find on this list.


I moved to Buenos Aires in summer 2012 right after I graduated from college. It quickly became home. I only stayed six months but in this short period of time I met people I could call family and discovered a culture and atmosphere I felt completely attune with. Since then I have tried to go back every 1-2 years and every time the city still moves me in the same way. A few things to keep in mind: Italians migrated massively to BA so be ready to see a lot of Italian influence in the food. Gelato, pasta, Milanesa, Pizza, and don’t dare say that they taste better in Italy: the Argentinians make everything better (or at least that’s what they say) When going to a Parilla (steakhouse) obviously get a steak but do not limit yourself to steak alone, try the mollejas (sweetbread), morcillas (blood sausage), chorizo (sausage), etc… They are the best part.


  • Ice creams all day, every day! (Freddo, Fratello, Rapanui, this list could go on forever…)
  • Choripan (Argentinians take on hot dogs) You can find them pretty much everywhere but the best one is supposed to be at el Puestito del Tio)
  • Medialunas (Argentinian croissant) My favorites are from La Imprenta or la Casa de Greta


Berlin is the city I am currently living in. I first moved here in 2013 and came back at the end of summer 2016 after two years in New York. I could not think of a better city to be living in and in the past couple years it went from a rather sad place culinary-wise to very exciting. Every week there’s a new pop-up or food event happening so check Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop. Otherwise, here are some of the restaurants I like to go to.